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Sunday, 20 December 2015


Hey crafters!!!! And welcome back to craftix! So its time for a classy card! This project is a wonderful card made by using only black and white. You can use this card for different occasions, 
birthdays….friends……thankyou’s…..and what not?

Cardstock/Paper needed: 8 ¼” X 5 7/8” (half of an A4 sheet)

Score: just fold it into half

Take a sheet measuring 3 1/8” X 4 ¾”
Take a piece of sponge and start dabbing the sheet with black paint. {TIP: Don’t use thick paint. Just dilute it a little.}

Your sheet should come out like this….

Take another sheet measuring 2 7/8” X 4 1/8”
Pick your sponge again and start stroking this sheet at the edges with black paint.

It should look like this….

Do the same thing on the front side of your card.

Layer all your 3 pieces one on top of the other. As below…

Write your required sentiment on the smallest piece/sheet…

And there’s your card ready!!! Easy! Wasn’t it.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


The perfect box for keeping your lip balm is here! Now keep your lip balm/lip stick in this cute little box which is easy to make too!!

Paper/Cardstock: 4” X 3 3/8”

Score  at:
On the long side(4” side) : 5/8”, 3 3/8”
On the short side(3 3/8” side)  : 6/8”, 1 ½”, 2 2/8”, 3”

Burnish well!

Your paper should look like this…(I have highlighted the score lines with a pencil)

Here are the parts that you need to cut off.(shaded parts)
(no notching is needed)

Let’s name the tabs as 1, 2 and 3

Put glue on tabs 2 and 3.

Glue tab 3 on top of tab 1. And then glue tab 2 on it.

Do the same thing on the other side as well. And your lip balm box should be ready. That was pretty short!!!

Thanks for reading this tutorial. And if you like it, pls comment!!!

Friday, 11 December 2015


This is a beautiful lidded box, cuboid in shape with a considerable amount of space to store. You can use either card stock or paper for this purpose.

For the base of the box,

Card stock: 6 15/16”  x    4 15/16”  
Score at:  1 ½” on all 4 sides

For the lid of the box:
Card stock: 4” x 6”
Score at: 1” on all 4 sides

Burnish well!

Your base should look like this…(I have highlighted the score lines with a pen)

And your lid should be like this…

Here are the parts that you need to cut off.(shaded parts)

Make sure that you notch into your tabs like so...

There's where you need to put your adhesive
The same scenario follows for the lid as well.

So you construct your box as shown below
Do the same thing for the lid

And there’s your project, now you are ready to show off! Aren’t you?


Burnishing is a technique by which we can create crisp and sharp folds. Sometimes, you may have noticed tiny cracks on your folds. This is because the paper is too tick to be folded so easily. Hence, we put pressure on our folds so that they become crisp and flat and this is called burnishing. The official tool used for this purpose is something like a bone folder. But you can simply use the bulging side of a spoon or anything which is curved and a little heavy. A heavy scissors also fulfills the purpose. Let’s see some pictures to understand better.

This is how a fold looks before burnishing.

.....and that's how you burnish.....

and that's the perfect fold after burnishing......

Basics for Box making


While constructing a box we first make its template or skeleton. While making a box, we always make tabs by which the box is going to close. It is extremely important to notch these tabs. Let me show you how!

These are some tabs that I have not notched yet.

To notch, just cut a diagonal slit on either side of the tab.

This is how notched tabs look!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Basics for making boxes

If you are already a crafter, you must have heard about scoring, but if you have not, I’m always there.

Scoring is basically a technique by which we make a thin depression in our card stock or paper so that it is easier to fold. This technique is more commonly used while making boxes. The official tool for scoring is called a score board. But I’m obviously going to tell you the easier way out. Instead of a score board, you can simply use the blunt side of a knife (the ones that are used for eating, not chopping) or a scissors!!!! The following picture will tell you how to score.

So suppose you have to score at 3 inches, and then you just make a mark at 3 inches on your paper, with the help of a scale; then keep your scale alongside the mark and then run the blunt side of the knife along the scale just like we draw a line with a pencil.

Wasn’t that easy? You just have to go to the kitchen for a knife!