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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Basics for making boxes

If you are already a crafter, you must have heard about scoring, but if you have not, I’m always there.

Scoring is basically a technique by which we make a thin depression in our card stock or paper so that it is easier to fold. This technique is more commonly used while making boxes. The official tool for scoring is called a score board. But I’m obviously going to tell you the easier way out. Instead of a score board, you can simply use the blunt side of a knife (the ones that are used for eating, not chopping) or a scissors!!!! The following picture will tell you how to score.

So suppose you have to score at 3 inches, and then you just make a mark at 3 inches on your paper, with the help of a scale; then keep your scale alongside the mark and then run the blunt side of the knife along the scale just like we draw a line with a pencil.

Wasn’t that easy? You just have to go to the kitchen for a knife!

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