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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


The perfect box for keeping your lip balm is here! Now keep your lip balm/lip stick in this cute little box which is easy to make too!!

Paper/Cardstock: 4” X 3 3/8”

Score  at:
On the long side(4” side) : 5/8”, 3 3/8”
On the short side(3 3/8” side)  : 6/8”, 1 ½”, 2 2/8”, 3”

Burnish well!

Your paper should look like this…(I have highlighted the score lines with a pencil)

Here are the parts that you need to cut off.(shaded parts)
(no notching is needed)

Let’s name the tabs as 1, 2 and 3

Put glue on tabs 2 and 3.

Glue tab 3 on top of tab 1. And then glue tab 2 on it.

Do the same thing on the other side as well. And your lip balm box should be ready. That was pretty short!!!

Thanks for reading this tutorial. And if you like it, pls comment!!!

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