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Friday, 11 December 2015


This is a beautiful lidded box, cuboid in shape with a considerable amount of space to store. You can use either card stock or paper for this purpose.

For the base of the box,

Card stock: 6 15/16”  x    4 15/16”  
Score at:  1 ½” on all 4 sides

For the lid of the box:
Card stock: 4” x 6”
Score at: 1” on all 4 sides

Burnish well!

Your base should look like this…(I have highlighted the score lines with a pen)

And your lid should be like this…

Here are the parts that you need to cut off.(shaded parts)

Make sure that you notch into your tabs like so...

There's where you need to put your adhesive
The same scenario follows for the lid as well.

So you construct your box as shown below
Do the same thing for the lid

And there’s your project, now you are ready to show off! Aren’t you?

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  1. I will try. I'm usually very bad at this, but I will try.