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Saturday, 30 January 2016


Hey crafting folks! Welcome back to craftix!! I know that you must have tried making an envelope at least once. I’m gonna break it down for you in this tutorial. It is a very easy method and you can prepare an envelope in just a few minutes. Let’s start!!

Card stock/paper needed: It depends on the size of the envelope that you want  to make. I’ll be using an A4 size sheet for this one.

Holding the sheet horizontally, fold the sheet leaving some space for the flap like so…..

Burnish well!!!

Score on the folded sheet on the left & the right side leaving about ¾” of space on both sides.

Parts to cut off are as follows:

Now that the upper tabs have been chopped off, make some lines as shown below:

Cut them off so that your paper looks like this:

Fold  your side tabs  so that your envelope looks like this:

Honestly, you can make any embellishment. Nut for this one, you’ll need 2 cut outs of flowers
Lift the petals of the flowers

Place them one top of the other as shown below
Make the flower prettier by adding a stud to it

Just add this flower to your envelope where ever you like

Have a look at my collection of envelopes below: (the one with the balloons is the show stopper)

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