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Friday, 1 January 2016



Hey crafters!!!! Welcome back to craftix!! So, I designed this box specifically for some cards (in my previous post). But you can obviously use this box for other purposes as well. Again, you can use either paper or card stock. But, I would prefer card stock for this particular project for sturdiness and stability.

Card stock needed:  12 ¼” X 8 ½”

Score at:
On the long side (12 ¼” side): 1 ¼”, 5 ½”, 6 ¾”, 11”
On the short side (8 ½” side): 1 ¼”, 7 ¼”

Burnish well!

You have to notch like so….

You will also need to prepare a covering piece for decoration. Here is the measurement for the same! You can also decorate the piece as you wish!

3 5/8” X 5 ½”

Turn over the card stock so that the front side is facing you. Now you must be having 2 big rectangles. Stick your decorative piece on the second one from the left.

Here's where you put your glue/adhesive.....

Turn your card stock over again. Now we have 6 square tabs, 2 right hand side ones, 2 left hand side ones and 2 middle ones. We also have 4 rectangles on the top and bottom, 2 right hand side rectangles and 2 left hand side rectangles. Stick your right hand side and middle sq. tabs on right side rectangles. Getting confused?? Look at the picture below!

Do the same thing on the bottom as well.

Close your box….and there it is…ready!!!!

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